Friday, February 1, 2008

Keeping Score

Super Bowl XLII is here this weekend and part of the game experience is actually watching the commercials. So before the game you'll probably be asked "who are you betting on?" and after the game you'll be asked "what was your favorite commercial?" 

The people at Pavone ( are once again bringing us realtime commercial polling at On the surface it's entertaining to see what ads people are reacting to but is it really measuring the success of an ad? Fortunately most creative shops are a lot more strategic than going for the "wow effect" at $90,000 a second. And I highly doubt that any of the creative briefs for these ads used the index as a metric for success.

Successful advertising isn't just about entertainment it's about connecting a creative expression to a communications strategy to change beliefs and behavior. To really keep score make your communication objectives strategic, precise and clear so that you can develop ideas that will really make and impact with your audience. 

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