Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kill The Gun

A very powerful bit of visual story telling.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Make Me A Bicycle Clown

Some very creative hockey calls from Randy Moller.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Photos From 2009

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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Official Beaverisms

After some recent editions from fellow Eagles I've decided to officially memorialize the great words of Ray Beavers on my blog for future reference. I documented this list of "Beaverisms" in the side of my notebook during my high school accounting class in 1989. My apologies in advance for any of you that may find these offensive.

A special thanks you to BG and MC on their additions to this list. Both were priceless.

• The hit dog always hollers

• All I should see is your rear end and elbows

• You're like a blind dog in a meat house

• Run through there like a spotted ass ape

• You're running on eggs!

• Fire out and ring his bell

• I'm doing the dog... you're just holdin' the tail

• You may have enough money to burn up a wet elephant

• I don't have to button up my shirt, my heart ain't fallin' out

• Your next few tests are going to be boogers

• I speak bilingual English and profanity

• A blind hog finds somethin' to eat every now and then

• You come in here with that horse play. You'd better tie that horse outside!

• You guys are crazier than a house full of ants

• He doesn't care what I call him just as long as he's not late for supper

• You just bump your gums to hear your head rattle

• I gotta cavity over here and I'm talking with an echo

• I got $10. What does that mean? I got someone else's pants on.

• Currency is paper with dead Presidents on it

• If she had another wrinkle she have to hold it in her hand

• You'll be down in Joliet getting a stripped sun tan

• Throw it back and let the whineo sleep on it

• Sit up. You don't have a rubber neck.

• I almost had a job at the dynamite plant

• How the hell could you be board? You're breathin', you could of been a dandylion

• They'll put you so far back they'll have to feed you with a slingshot

• I'm gonna put a ring around your eye

• My wife wraps my lunch in a road map

• You can read reading, but you can't read writin!

• When Meno & Gohel were Jrs people thought they dressed the side line markers

• How can you be listening to me and be writing the sugar report to somebody?

• We've had that ever since heck was pup

• You don't know rude from bubble gum

• Time to sack the bat

• They say that when you get older the memory is the first to go. I forget what the second is.

• What's a Sail Cat? It's a cat that has been run over so many times you can pick it up and throw it. And boy does it sail. It goes like a shingle.

• You're 2 sandwiches short of a picnic lunch

• You guys never annoy me. It's a slice of heaven every day.

• Stormin ' like a bull at a new gate

• If you want a rocker go to the old folks home

• Maybe if I fill up on the gas tank she'll run away

• Where there's no brains there's a lot of labor

• Some of you guys are just scratchin around the sandbox

• If you don't know your right from left... throw a rock

• When the bell rings I'm outta here like a scolded dog

• You can't ride a good horse to death

• I love all you guys even if some of you are hemorrhoids

Social Media Boom

A nice visualization of SM data

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nail In The Coffin

I thought this packaging design was genius.