Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time to fire this baby up again

It's been over a year an a half since my last blog post and it's probably about time I got back in the groove. Over the last year or so I've met some amazing people in Chicago's entrepreneur space. If you don't follow @rachelbaker @sweetfracture5 @foiledcupcakes @MWCAccounting @ryanevans @jtpenny @andrewatideal or @siffring I recommend you do. I was fortunate to share an office space with them in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood for a bit. The space was dubbed "Eight On Seven" or #8on7. It was the first time in my career where everyone in the same space worked independently of each other. We were free of the typical office politics and moral ups and downs that you'd commonly see in a traditional office because everyone ran their own company. You hear about "passion" a lot in corporate meeting but rarely do you see it at the level that the folks at #80n7 displayed. It was an energizing experience and a model I hope to recreate it someway in the future.