Monday, February 16, 2009

The Printed Blog

The Printed Blog is having a tagline contest. Here are the rules pulled from their Facebook page:

We want you, our readers and online community, to come up with the new tagline for The Printed Blog. Then we will narrow them down and let you vote on your favorite. The future of TPB tagline is now in your hands!

As a little incentive to get those creative juices flowing we are offering up a brand new Nintendo Wii to our winner. Your tag line will appear in the March 3rd issue of The Printed Blog (along with credit).

How to enter:

* You can have three tagline entries. Only three, so make them good! 

* Make sure to comment with your taglines by Thursday, February 19th at 11:59PM. The following day we will pick finalists and put up a poll.


Here are my entries:

1) Today's Journalism In Your Hands.

2) people+pixels+print

3) New Media. New Ideas. New Edition.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

I know a couple of the ladies behind The Printed Blog. Small world!

Patrick said...

It's one of those ideas that makes so much sense and I think it will do pretty well for a couple of years. It will definitely keep everyone in the media world on their toes... which is the fun part.