Monday, February 16, 2009

The End Of Advertising

Ever since I've been in the creative industry there has been doomsday talk about the end of advertising. After watching the premier of Trust Me I wish advertising had died a long time ago so there would be no reason to create this disastrous program.

I know it's just a TV show but these characters wouldn't last a day in the biz with their mid-day naps and constant lying. (I'd really like to see their expense reports). To top it all off the work that Rothman, Greene & Mohr produces is uninspiring on several levels. "What can you do with one hand?" is their big idea for mobile campaign. Really? Who let that one through?

I wasn't expecting the show to be as rich as Mad Men, but at least those chain smoking, binge drinking, bigot minded, over sexed characters could come up with some great spots (the Kodak Carousal pitch for example). I guess I was hoping for some connection to reality about creative industry considering it's a very dynamic period, rather than see a bunch of jerks trying to beat the system.

When I worked at gsw-w a few co-workers produced a short series about life in advertising. I think it's about 100 times more entertaining than anything TNT has produced about the business. I suggest TNT gives Sean and Eric a call to get some script ideas. 

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