Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maeda Tweets

John Maeda is absolutely inspiring. Here are a few entries from his Twitter stream that I had to post here so I could come back and re-read. 

John Maeda:

• is thinking how VISION = Prediction (see the future) + Intuition (*feel* the future) + Realization (make the future).

• is noting world stat that 1 in 2 people are of Asia, and 30% population in India are under 15 = the total US population.

• is marinating on what actress Glenn Close told him, "Art has the power to rearrange you."

• weighs the distinction between a printed book and an electronic download. The gap closes for reasons of time, not matter.

• when a student says they love a subject of study, they are saying that they love the teacher even more. Learning is personal.

• is noting how changes happening on the edges always find their way in — why outside the box is the entrance to the box.

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