Friday, March 7, 2008

The New Marketing Reality

Almost everything I've been reading about the creative industry (in regards to brands and branding) lately is how much change is happening. I've started to cobble together some rough ideas around what it will take for creative teams to move brands forward in this new marketing reality.

The first part of the slide on the right is a draft of what I'm calling the new brand expression. Just having one insight into a marketplace isn't enough to build a robust brand anymore. In the new marketing reality we need to go beyond traditional insight and discover how technology is influencing or distorting customers brand interactions and how cultural factors can shape experiences.

This is transforming brands from what I was calling a "closed brand" to an "open brand". There has been a lot of talk about how the consumer is in control now. I'm not sure I totally buy into that idea but there is a big shift in the architecture of brands. There's a lot more "doors" for customers to come in now.  

I've worked on several types of creative teams and only recently has the art director + writer model really started to change for good. Again this is a draft but I think this will be the core creative team that brands will need to surround themselves with to deliver big ideas in the new marketing reality.

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