Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Killing Me With Sweetness

Every year the Girl Scouts sell up to $700 million of their cookies to Americans everywhere. I don't really eat cookies that often and I never buy them at the grocery store. So why do I buy these? Because of guilt and peer pressure. It's like I'm the bad guy in the office if I don't lay out some disposable income. 

So what have the girl scouts ever done for me? All I've gotten is a lot of guilt to make and impulse by and a few thousand extra calories that I need to burn off. But going through this buying process reminded me that there are certain truths that motivate people to make impulse buys. Guilt and peer pressure are powerful especially when it's served up from a 3rd grader. I'm not sure if this is a strategy that I would of thought of to sell a product but I have to give the Girl Scouts high marks on creatively selling their product and for tapping into the fear and guilt that lies in the very core of my soul. 

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