Wednesday, December 31, 2008

9 Premonitions For '09

Now that I have a blog it will be much easier to see if any of these come through. Happy New Year everyone. 


9) Barack Obama will continue to innovate government communications with integrated branding and new media ideas, but will fail to appoint me to his cabinet as Secretary of Branding after several of my repeated requests.

8) Sometime after Spring Break '09, the brand managers at Pepsi will stop mixing whiskey in their drinks and realize what they've done to their identity. It's going to be a hell of a hangover.  

7) wii and twitter form a partnership titled twiittiiwt.

6) Blagojevich will declare Illinois' independence from the union. 

5) Brand managers will finally recognize the print campaign they developed in '08 didn't shift their customers beliefs. 

4) The Blackhawks event at Wrigley will be the largest single sporting event uploaded to flickr in '09. 

3) Ideas will become bigger as teams get smaller. 

2) I will tweet early and often.

1) Google will evolve their brand identity. 


Nilsa said...

Don't you mean the Blackhawks event at Wrigley will be the largest single showing of fans in that venue in 2009? I mean, c'mon, who are we kidding here?!? =)

Patrick said...

I wasn't very clear... I've been accused of that a few times in my life. :) I meant the game + pregame would have the most uploaded images on flickr out of any single sporting event over the course of '09. I just thought a lot of Wrigleyville folks would be out with their new iPhones and such and would be in uploading/mobile heaven. As of this post the search on "We found 1,085 results matching winter and classic and chicago." It will probably be beat for at least a day or two my prediction came true. :)

Nora said...

What's your twitter handle, cuz? I'm NoraG. Find me!

Great post, by the way.

Essentially Me said...

I can see number 7 coming true. Maybe Wii will come out with a Twitter game where we need to mime our actions to get our message across.