Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kill The Gun

A very powerful bit of visual story telling.


Anonymous said...
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日月神教-任我行 said...
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Desidurata said...

What this little vignette fails to say is that it's not the gun that does the damage. It's the individual making the choice to pull the trigger. Guns don't kill. It's the people that use them for evil purposes that kill. Without guns the little video would be about baseball bats, or knives, or frying pans, or bows and arrows, or whatever.

I did like the way they filmed the bullets going through those objects though. Very good videography and well done. There is beauty in a bullet! Who knew.

So the upshot is that take a look around the world at the people that are unable to defend themselves with a weapon, and look at how they are being victimized. Try tyranny at it's utmost and then talk about killing the gun.

You're able to post crap like this only because someone protected your first amendment right with their second amendment right.

Just saying.

Patrick Smith said...

I was only posting "this crap" because it was really powerful visual story telling. I appreciate all of the comments. I'm really not too interested in diving into the politics of the film. That belongs on another blog somewhere. This is blog is about creative inspiration.

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