Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Garbage

A great idea from BigBelly Solar. Philadelphia has installed several of these on their city streets. Below is the press release from BigBelly. 

BigBelly is the world's only solar-powered cordless compaction system. It uses the sun's energy to automatically compact trash at the point of disposal, dramatically increasing capacity by 5 times within the same footprint as ordinary receptacles. Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut related fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. The enclosed design keeps pests out and litter in. Safe and easy to use, the BigBelly has proven successful in urban streets, parks, colleges, arenas - and in all weather conditions.

1 comment:

Jude said...

Tho you know I love all the TWITS....I'm just a simple country gal...this is GREAT,especially when you talk about Greenhouse gas emissions..What size do we need for Uncle Mike??,He has a LARGE Footprint..so 5x is ...????WHAOOOO!
Can we find a distributor???? I'll split all profits w/you! get back to me.......Jude