Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creatively Speaking

Creativity Magazine is a print publication that I still read religiously because it has an interesting mix of voices talking about the creative industry. I particularly enjoy this expert from David Nobay's POV article:


Admittedly, you'd have to be profoundly medicated to ignore the general state of the world's finances right now — but, well, we're creative people aren't we? Surely, we are precisely in the business of thinking our way out of excruciating tight corners? Faced with a life of potentially nothing, isn't it up to us to create something? Not a fictitious valuation, or a shady shelf company, but rather something tangible.. Something of worth. Christ, perhaps, even something of great beauty?

Rather than talk ourselves into a dark hole, what if we viewed the current shitstorm as a catalyst to a new, governing class system? Not the Working Class, the Upper Class, or even the Emerging-Technology Class. THE CREATIVE CLASS (That's right; us). More specifically; a class diametrically opposed to The Uncreative, Intangible, Unimaginative Class that has shaped society and fucked up our ideas for far too long."

He also goes onto say that "There are too many of us, crammed into an ever-decreasing space." It's a breath of fresh air to hear someone speak so frankly.

There's some other antidotes that I wanted to capture before my issue gets lost or I throw too many things on top of it and forget.

• The most important thing I have learned about leadership is to jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down.

- Tony Davidson of Widen + Kennedy London

• Because it's (the internet) is the most populated universal modern environment, and it's where the newest languages and rules of communication are evolving and being created from scratch.

- Andrew Keller from Crispin Porter + Bogusky

• We learned with "Truth" that we could affect social change. And so we applied that to MINI with the thought that we could change culture to embrace a product rather and change a product to mirror culture.

- Andrew Keller from CP + B

• Almost everything I know I learned from Kiss and the Catholic Church.

- Andrew Keller from CP + B

• The biggest challenge right now is not the economy, it's relevancy.

- Linus Karlsson & Paul Malmstrom of Mother NY

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