Monday, May 25, 2009

Creative Ideation

To push idea generation in a group setting, these 3 "rules" from Scott's Halford's article on should be part of the creative atmosphere.

1. “Yes and...” Do what improv actors do; play the “yes and…” game. Instead of looking for the flaws, be additive to the idea. The next time someone comes to you with an idea, no matter how half-baked, put your “but” out to pasture and expand on the idea. Not only will this be collaborative and lead to more creativity, it will also show you what an attractor behavior is like.

2. Create and evaluate separately. The formation of ideas and the evaluation of them are two entirely different brain processes. Let’s say you want to start a new venture, so you pull together your best business whiz pals in a meeting to help you with the idea. You’ll want to spring for two pizza-and-beer parties. One is to collect every whacked-out idea they can come up with in relation to your idea–no evaluation of the ideas, the brain will shut down creativity if you do. The second meeting is to evaluate and prioritize. Allow at least a week in between formation and evaluation so the brain can incubate. At the end of the first meeting, ask everyone to be thinking about the best possible combinations of ideas around your venture.

3. Count to ten. It takes approximately six seconds from the time a negative emotion is felt (i.e., disgust or disdain) and the dissipation of the hormones that make you want to blurt out a nasty remark. Your mom was right–count to ten before you speak. Let the visceral feelings die down, then speak. And remember to be additive.


Scott Halford: Brainy Business

How to Avoid Self-Sabotage

Your brain wants you to succeed–so get out of the way. 

By Scott Halford  •  May 18, 2009

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