Sunday, May 10, 2009

Condo For Sale

I'm in the process of selling my condo and was thinking of big ideas to generate interest about my property. The W Hollywood Residence beat me to the promotional punch and booked Depeche Mode to promote the sale of their new residential property in Hollywood. After looking at my promotional budget I've realized the best brand association I can pull off is Depeche Mode karaoke at my open house. 

Even if you are not fan of Depeche Mode this is an inspiring and distinctive approach to selling real-estate. I give Starwood and W high marks for bringing fresh ideas to the marketplace. 


Fabian said...

I was actually front row at the event. A great promotional idea, I just have no idea why they picked Depeche Mode as the band that would speak to potential W-Residency buyers. It seems a bit off-target as far as the audience goes, but as a brand vehicle it surely was a great-impact effort making the evening news.

Patrick said...

I agree. Depeche Mode may be a bit off target but someone (probably at ABC) felt they needed a band that could also carry the television ratings.

I thought it looked really nice on TV. Must of been impressive in the first row as well.

By the way I really like your design work and approach. Thanks for commenting.

Mary Joyce Lising said...

missed that event. I hope there are more.

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condo Philippines said...

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