Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One of the great ideas in 2008.

Spam 365 is an interactive project that I hope the world become involved with over the course of 2008. It's important on many levels. Not only will it be a great distraction from the real work I need to accomplish during the day it's documenting something that is socially relevant. Forget global warming, the war and rising oil prices we need to have a better understanding of this phenomenon so we can elevate the quality of life in this country and enrich the human experience throughout the world. 

Here are a few key dates that I am looking forward to in 2008. 
• June 30th. The half life celebration.
• August 1-3. Forget Lollapalooza I'm celebrating Spam-Jam 08.
• December 2008. The final days of Spam 08.

In 2009 I am looking forward to these products to be released:
- Spam365 Flip Book
- Spam365 The Documentary (with time lapse and directors cut)
- Spam365 Celebrity Tour
- Commemorative Knife and Fork
- Spam-Jam 2009
- iSpam widget cam
- Spam appearance on Inaugural Day 2009
- Construction begins at the Spam Museum for the 365 Project

On a serious note the real reason I love this idea is that Spam is one of the few brands that people have real fun with (and the stuff in the can really doesn't matter anymore). It has a life of its own. Even if Hormel never sold a can of meat again they still have this cult relevance in society. The trick now is to turn that relevance into sales. As we speak Spam/Hormel is launching a new ad campaign so it will be interesting to track the success of that initiative as well the progress on Spam365. 

Check out Spam365 at:
It's brilliant.

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