Thursday, March 12, 2009

Visualizing Data

I've been going through the process of visualizing data through the course of my daily life. Here's a chart illustrating the time, distance and mode of transportation for my daily commute.


Melissa said...

hey soon the paulina station will open and then you can cut 5 minutes off your commute! :)

Patrick said...

I'd much rather move back into the city. :)

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the train icon be brown? (brown line?)

Just curious.

Boy that's a long commute! I used to live in Roscoe Village, nice neighborhood. (live in Irving Park neighborhood now ... "far southwest ravenswood manor")

Patrick said...

Good call on the treatment of the Brown line (color). I have a color palette that I work with but in this instance I should of made an adjustment. I'll keep that in mind for future maps that include the CTA.