Friday, August 15, 2008

It's not just your idea anymore.

We all have great ideas but bringing them to life so that they are fully formed and can live beyond the printed page is becoming an art in it of itself. The function(s) of planning, development and production expertise has become an upstream necessity for agencies that traditionally haven't placed a premium on these roles. The August issue of CREATIVITY does a great job of crystallizing one of the bigger challenges of today's shops by stating "...the issue of determining where an idea stops and where it execution begins and who are the creators and who are the producers goes far beyond award show credit. It speaks to significant changes in media, creativity and technology and the way in which those things combine to make new kinds of ad experiences."

Creativity is still king but without in-house (or seamless partnerships with) development teams, production planning and innovative management, clients won't have the security blanket to move forward with the biggest and best ideas. 

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