Thursday, June 19, 2008

Push or Pull? Not Quality over Quantity.

After flipping through a recent issue of MedAd News these two ads struck me on several levels. At first I was going to do an entry just on the similarity of the design. You almost can't get more parody than this from (what appears to be on the surface) a similar offering and design look and feel. The Google ad did a much better job of executing a story around the information, pulling the reader in with a relevant bit of data and speaks with a lot of confidence. Poor WebMD fell into an worn out advertising idea and follows through with a little chest beating that they probably felt they could get away with because the layout has that ever popular "clean, white space look".  

When I took another look at these you can start to see the future battle of marketing starting to take shape. Are brands like WebMD going to be destinations or are companies like Google going to be able to push information and entertainment to users so efficiently that destinations become obsolete?


Nora said...

Wow. That is way freaky. The future is now.

Patrick said...

It's starting to happen right before our eyes.